President Trump Rescinds DACA Deal


Earlier today, President Trump called for altered immigration legislation and effectively pulled the option of a DACA deal, reports The Hill.

President Trump on Immigration and DACA

The President communicated recent messages regarding immigration and the revocation of a potential DACA deal in a series of earlier tweets:

Like the above tweet, many conservatives blasted liberals for what the former views as tolerance and enabling of illegal immigration. Furthermore, right-leaning Americans have also bemoaned the perceived dangers and pitfalls of illegal entry into the United States via border crossings.

President Trump then elaborated on Mexico and the latter’s apparent lack of action regarding the aforesaid unlawful border crossings:

Controversies Regarding Immigration and DACA

Many Americans hold contrasting views on immigration. While some people support DACA, others strongly oppose it and remain in favor of exclusively legal immigration. Talk of a bipartisan DACA has surfaced, however, said deal has yet to come to fruition. People in this country also have various perceptions on the parties responsible for the political gridlock. To virtually no one’s surprise, Republicans have faulted Democrats, while Democrats have faulted Republicans.

Over the past few weeks, conservatives doubled down on their criticisms of Democrats and the lack of a DACA deal. Right-leaning Americans overwhelmingly view the left as accountable for the aforementioned. Furthermore, Republicans have stated that Democrats are merely using DACA recipients for potential votes and political gain.

President Trump also opined the preceding viewpoints in a series of prior tweets:

What Do Americans Think of Immigration and DACA?

The revocation of the DACA deal has certainly renewed the heated debate regarding the current state of immigration and pending fate of DACA beneficiaries. Whether right-leaning or left-leaning, most Americans have very strong opinions about the preceding policies. Many of President Trump’s supporters have supported his rescission of DACA while his critics censured the move.

Readers of The Hill weighed in with their thoughts in the comments section of the report:

Existing law REQUIRES arrest[.] Deport ALL illegal immigrants, no exceptions[.]

Mueller indictments must be incoming[.]

If you lay a wall on its side, it becomes a bridge. Happy Easter.