Joe Biden Under Fire For Visiting Saudi Arabia


During the 2020 presidential election, Biden talked tough against Saudi Arabia; however, when it came down to it, the president ultimately folded.

Pushback from Republicans

Many GOP members also had a thing or two to say about Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia. Republicans slammed the optics of Biden choosing to fist-bump the Saudi Crown Prince, despite the latter’s horrific record on the aforementioned matters.

Furthermore, Republicans took issue with Biden going to Saudi Arabia in search of more oil. The GOP has repeatedly pointed out that America has more than enough domestic oil suppliers and energy producers.

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Biden could have visited Texas, North Dakota, etc., for oil. Yet, instead, he chose to chum it up with the Saudis.

To this day, the president will not relinquish the kneecapping policies he’s implemented against oil drilling, various US pipelines, and other resources that would restore US energy independence.

This president and his administration repeatedly face criticism from conservatives for putting the best interests of other nations over the United States. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia was clear that it’s in no rush to bend to Biden or America’s best interests.