John McCain Tanks Obamacare Repeal! Shocker!! (Not Really…)


Many Americans are outraged over Arizona Senator John McCain’s vote against the repeal of Obamacare in the wee hours of this morning. According to CNN, McCain tanked the Obamacare repeal because he disapproved of the manner in which the bill was constructed. While the mainstream media continues to promote this story, the true reason is perhaps more insidious and dark than many people would like to recognize.

People like to believe their government cares about them. The average citizen is under the illusion that merely voting certain politicians into office grants them power, but they are mistaken.

John McCain’s decision to utterly tank the repeal of Obamacare most likely stems from the reality that, for some unknown reason, deep state workers who operate from behind the scenes simply wish for Obamacare to remain as is. What Americans see on television and on the news is merely a minute fraction of what occurs in government. Nobody knows just how deep the rabbit hole goes, but tanking the repeal of Obamacare was most likely planned a very long time ago.