John McCain Will Return to Senate in September…


Recent reports from ABC News indicate that Senator John McCain is expected to return to the Senate next month. This update was announced by McCain during a radio interview which took place yesterday. The Arizona Senator discussed his lack of happiness about a new diet he must undergo as he combats glioblastoma and his eagerness to return to work.

It’s a tough challenge, you know, of course. But I’m getting the best care you could possibly have, I’m eating well, I’m feeling fine, getting plenty of exercise. I expect Congress to go out here pretty soon, and I’ll be ready to go back to work in September.

McCain’s return to the Senate should be interesting, to say the least. Many people are highly displeased with his decision to tank a bill called “Skinny repeal” which would have gotten rid of certain Obamacare mandates. Speaker Ryan, Vice President Pence, and even President Trump attempted to convince McCain to support the repeal, but he simply chose not to. This decision caused many conservatives to strongly censure McCain, label him as a Republican In Name Only (RINO), and allege that his vote was motivated by involvement or collusion with deep state operatives.

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McCain has since provided his take on why he chose to vote against the Senate’s most recent healthcare bill:

What we were going to do, and it gets a little arcane, but take a ‘skinny bill’ as they called it and give it to a conference of House and Senate people. With no input, no amendments, and then have them put out a product that was going to be an up-or-down vote in both House and Senate. I wanted us to have a full-fledged debate, amendments, go through committees. That’s the way we should operate.

McCain’s inability to work with the Senate and meet in the middle for the greater good is a prime example of the problems existing in Congress. Likewise, the Arizona Senator does not believe voting against the Skinny repeal was wrong. This toxic, “my way or the high way” mentality does not work in Congress and McCain’s return is a clear sign that the ways of Congress are unlikely to change anytime soon.

Just yesterday, The Hill released a new poll stating that McCain is more popular among Democrats than he is with Republicans, following his sabotage of the Senate’s healthcare bill. For quite some time, conservatives have debated as to whether or not McCain is a Democrat is disguise. This is not the first time McCain has taken actions that seemingly go against what are believed to be Republican and conservative values. How will McCain’s return to the Senate affect the Congressional dynamic? Only time will tell…