Does John Morgan Have the “X Factor” Trump Voters Are Looking For?

Does John Morgan hold the Trump recipe for political success? The evidence says yes.

The future of Trumpism, the appeal of anti-establishment populist candidates, could actually lie in lifelong Democrats like John Morgan.

In Florida, polls have always shown that the electorate’s party ID is not as reliable an indivcator of how someone will vote than it is in other states. This is due to a variety of factors, including the fact that Florida voters on average view their vote as “more important” because Florida is such a swing state. It’s also because the minority groups in Florida tend to be more skeptical of their party leaders, as evidenced by spectacularly low approvals for congressional leaders among such groups like Cuban-Americans.

That said, Floridians vote with their gut, which shows why after going twice for Obama the state swung for Trump. Both Obama and Trump represented change in a big way. They campaigned against the political elites and the brokenness of Washington, D.C. They campaigned on a different direction for the country and “draining the swamp.”

Where Trump and Obama differed is also incredibly stark, particularly in their demeanor. Trumpism has a lot to do with the public appeal and charm that comes with being a bombastic, fun-loving, envelope-pushing wildcard. That, combined with anti-establishment populism is what gives Trumpism its winning recipe among Florida voters.