Johnstown Masonic Temple Raises Awareness About Human Trafficking Risks


Many kids who run into traffickers online often feel scared to tell their parents. They may even be terrified of running into trouble with their parents or having their electronic devices taken.

Sadly, these fears are what traffickers prey and rely upon. When parents ensure their kids know they can come to them for any reason, this can deprive traffickers of extra ammunition.

Busting myths about human trafficking

To this day, many people don’t understand the extent to which trafficking often occurs online. Within the past few years, for instance, a rise in people and children using the internet on a frequent basis has taken place.

Traffickers are very much aware of this. In many cases, they use social media to get to children; this can happen via catfishing, posing as other children, and further nefarious means.

With the internet being weaponized by predators meaning to do harm, it’s critical for parents to be fully aware. Traffickers aren’t slowing down; therefore, the protection of all possible victims remains imperative.