Judge Denies Vax Immune’s Leonard Weisman and Joaquin Altenberg Motion To Dismiss


In continuing development in the case against Vax Immune LLC, the court has heard defendant Vax Immune LLC’s motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction, plaintiff’s response, and arguments of counsel. The case involves Leonard Weisman and his son-in-law Joaquin Alternberg.

Based on the pleadings on file and arguments of counsel, the court determined that the motion be denied. It was therefore ordered, adjudged, and decreed that the defendant’s motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction be denied.

2022-05-13 Order denying Ds motion to dismiss

In the months leading up to this court decision, a lawsuit was brought up against Vax Immune LLC by Travis Vargo, where Joaquin Altenberg, son-in-law to Leonard Weisman, was made liable to pay $1.72 million in plaintiff’s legal fees, plus interest based on a court finding of “egregious fraud and misrepresentation” and “serial misconduct.”

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