Judge Jeanine Pirro Drags Hillary Clinton Over Biden Endorsement


Nevertheless, the twice-failed presidential candidate’s endorsement of Biden prompted a fiery response from Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Judge Jeanine on Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden

Yesterday, the honorable Judge tore into Hillary Clinton, citing her endorsement of Biden as the “kiss of death.” The Fox News host also stated that Clinton has an affinity for surrounding herself with perpetrators of sexual assault.

In Pirro’s own words:

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“You know, Hillary Clinton endorsing Joe Biden when he’s being accused of, as you say, not sexual harassment but sexual assault, it’s like the kiss of death. The woman is literally a standard-bearer, the magnet, the enabler of sexual predators.”

Later in the segment, Pirro also highlighted the hypocrisy of Clinton aligning herself with the #MeToo movement while backing Biden’s candidacy. The presumptive Democrat nominee has yet to directly address or even deny Reade’s claims; however, Biden’s 2020 campaign has come forth and alleged that the rape allegations against him are falsehoods.