Julia Loffe Slams Trump Administration and First Lady Melania Trump


Trending coverage from CNN reports that journalist Julia Loffe had harsh words for the Trump Administration’s measures to finetune immigration and a somewhat backwards compliment for First Lady Melania Trump. In her mind, the restriction of unskilled immigrants is “restrictive” and Loffe also believes the First Lady was only able to immigrate to America because she was a “beautiful white woman from Europe.” Loffe also claimed that President Trump’s latest immigration mandates would create “the right kind of demographic engineering” to benefit himself.

Like most liberals, Loffe fails to realize the display of her own racist projections as she attempts to censure others. For starters, President Trump’s so called “restriction” on immigration is merely a measure to prioritize immigrants who can financially support themselves, speak English, and contribute to the economy.

Granting entry to useful immigrants who contribute to the private sector will actually benefit the nation, and minority workers, as President Trump publicly stated, but of course, liberals had to make it about race. When the left thinks of skilled, English speaking, and contributing immigrants, they only think of white people and Europeans, which is quite unfortunate. There are a plethora of legal immigrants with the aforementioned qualities, who may not be white or European, but left leaning Democrats ignore them because they do not fit into the victimhood hierarchy.

Loffe’s statements about First Lady Melania Trump are very deceptive and misleading. Obviously, Mrs. Trump is an extraordinarily beautiful white woman from Europe, but this was not the determining factor which granted her American citizenship. Long before the First Lady came to America, or even met Donald Trump, she had her own modeling career. Also, never at any point was Melania in need of welfare. Sadly, many immigrants are, which is devastating to the American economy. The restriction on immigration is not about race, it is about enacting advantageous policy reform for the American economy and American workers.

Loffe’s assertion of President Trump only allowing entry to immigrants which would support him is quite ironic. Many people have said the same about Democrats, only in reverse. Left leaning liberals have become notorious for turning a blind eye to the plethora of plights associated with illegal immigration. It has been said that Democrats do this because illegal immigrants are more likely to support liberal policies and politicians. Perhaps Loffe and people like her should be a little more careful before hurling accusations.

Whether liberals like it or not, President Trump is working to make America great again, as he promised, and he is not going to stop. People who wish to enter this nation should have the proper skills, credentials, and be able to take care of themselves. The age of identity politics and pandering to the lowest common denominators is over. The betterment of this nation is largely dependent on the quality of people who are granted entry. The sooner liberals realize that this policy rewards merit and not race, the more well off they will be.