Kellyanne Conway Issues Critical Warning


Earlier today, Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Trump, correctly affirmed that the anti-Trump behavior and rhetoric coming from radical leftists is serving as a negative force in this country and engendering more division.

It’s also time to shine a brighter light, a hotter light on the Democratic obstructionism and resistance. It’s no longer a bumper sticker or a bunch of pink hats. It’s hurting people in this country,” Conway stated on Fox Business.

She is absolutely correct. Last month, Republican congressman Steve Scalise was shot by a Bernie supporter who targeted him because of his political affiliation. Scalise is still fighting for his life. The mainstream media is greatly responsible for this atrocity They are enablers of a toxic political culture which subliminally tells liberals that looting, rioting, and physically attacking Trump supporters is acceptable behavior.

“I am very hopeful that the American people can see exactly what the Democrats are up to here, which is they don’t want to come to the table on anything. Let’s show which party really means progress and campaign promise fulfillment and solutions,” Conway continued.

She also explained that in spite of the Democrats’ obstruction and resistance, the Trump administration will still prevail and fulfill promises such as cracking down on sanctuary cities, delivering tax reform, repealing Obamacare, and building the wall along the Southern border to halt illegal immigration.

Conway provided her thoughts on the Senate’s approaching recess, as well:

The holding back of the two weeks recess is a great start to get things done and to show that these Democrats who are obstructing think they are raising money off of it and they are worried about who’s going to run in 2020; it’s nonsense. They are going to have to look their constituents in the eye and say ‘we failed on health care [and] we failed on tax reform.’

Kellyanne Conway’s talking points during her time on Fox Business were quite valid and should be taken seriously. Are Democrats really so hateful of President Trump that they are okay with working against American interests? The answer appears to be ‘yes,’ and this is something liberals will have to face. They are flagrant obstructionists who merely react. This reality is why they will continue to lose elections. The American people value parties and persons with real messages, policies, and plans for action. ” The Resistance” is no longer valid or wanted in this nation.