Did The Russian Government Really Meet With Trump Team Before Election?


Did the Trump administration meet with Russian government officials prior to the 2016 Presidential election? Apparently, the Wall Street Journal thinks so. According to their recent reports, U.S. intelligence agents stumbled upon conversations dating back to 2015 where Russian officials conversed about meetings between themselves and colleagues of the Trump administration. However, important information is missing from this conversations.

For starters, the names of Trump officials who allegedly met with the Russian government are unknown. That’s funny. One would think if Trump administration members actually met with the Russians, specific names would come up, especially upon the detection of private conversations. By the admission of the Wall Street Journal, whether or not these meeting were held in relation to the 2016 election is unknown and so are all names and positions of the so called Russian advisors.

This latest revelation is loosely tied to the media’s latest attempt at proving that Donald Trump Jr. colluded with Russia to sway the results of the 2016 Presidential election in his father’s favor. The President’s eldest son has repeatedly expressed his willingness to work with the Senate Intelligence Committee and share what he knows. Likewise, he affirmed that at no time was Hillary Clinton the subject of discussion during the meeting he attended. But this does not seem to matter to the media, because in their minds, “the emails offer the first clear public evidence that senior officials in Mr. Trump’s camp were open to offers of assistance from Russia in his quest for the White House.

Last June, Democrats alleged that they were hacked by what the FBI believes to be bureaus connected to the Russians. However, given the DNC’s predilection for leaking debate questions and lying about it for months, their claims should be taken with a grain of salt and thoroughly investigated, not taken at face value.

This latest update will undoubtedly prove to be another yet dead end. The media is truly incapable of allowing this silly Russia conspiracy theory to die. If they had real evidence, then there would be merit for investigation, but all they have are fish stories and groundless assertions. The Wall Street Journal lacks any and all names for the supposed meeting involving the Trump administration and Russian officials. Likewise, they are not even sure whether or not the meetings pertained to the 2016 Presidential election. There are a plethora of uncertainities for what is being promoting as damning conversations. Once again, the media continues to make utter fools of themselves and validate the term “fake news.”