Kevin Clinesmith pleads guilty to altering email in Russia probe


Inspector Horowitz indicates in his Inspector General report that the Yahoo article was part of a series of leaked information by Christopher Steele, and later members of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane team.

A flurry of media articles and interviews based on information leaked by Steele and the FBI made suggestions and accusations that Carter Page was a Russian agent closely tied to Trump.

The opposite was true, Page had done work for a U.S. intelligence agency and had met Russian officials at the agency’s request. Page experienced a media feeding frenzy and death threats.

Page then began to publicly admit that he was a CIA source. And he denied being a Russian agent. 

The fourth FISA application is approved

When the fourth FISA warrant was up for renewal, an FBI Supervisory Special Agent (SSA), asked Clinesmith to confirm if Page had ever been a “source” for the CIA. The SSA has to “swear to” the application. 

On June 15, 2017, Clinesmith sent an email to a liaison from the OGA asking for clarification.