Breaking down the viral Facebook post on Trump’s record


If the 2016 election proves one thing, it is that social media and politics have become irrevocably connected. Long gone are the days of television networks dominating the political discourse, acting as a forum for political opponents to argue over policy points.

A hallmark of our social media age is viral political posts which claim to support or attack a candidate. In recent weeks, a Facebook post outlining Trump’s record as President has reached over 80,000 shares.

As with all viral social media posts, especially within the political realm, fact-checking is of the essence to avoid the widespread distribution of bogus information.

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Due to the fact that the list is incredibly long, we have opted to focus on some of the most contentious issues currently under debate in American politics.

So, how does the post stack up to the facts? It appears to be clear cut in many claims and slightly messy in others.


Trump has wasted zero time hammering on about the positive effects of his administration on the economy.