Breaking down the viral Facebook post on Trump’s record


Throughout 2019, Asian American, African American, Hispanic, and youth unemployment reached all time lows. As a matter of fact, youth unemployment reached levels not seen since 1969, pointing to a strong economy and a growing workforce.


On the healthcare front, the Trump Administration has worked to lower the price of prescription drugs for patients, resulting in a mixture of success and unknowns.

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Measuring Trump’s success on reforming the American healthcare system can get quite complicated, due to the immensity of the U.S. healthcare system and its level of complication. Plus, it is simply too early to provide a verdict on Trump’s changes.

For one, Trump issued four executive orders in 2020 aiming to reduce costs for prescription drugs, including allowing for the importation of prescription drugs from Canada.

According to CPI data on drug prices, July 2019 saw a 2% drop in drug prices, the largest drop ever recorded. That said, experts have pointed out that using the CPI as a measure has potential shortfalls since it does not account for other factors.