KKR To Pay $2.7B For Remaining Global Atlantic

KKR To Pay $2.7B

In a financial chess game echoing through the corridors of the insurance and retirement industry, KKR & Co. Inc. has declared its masterstroke. The investment juggernaut announced on Wednesday its plan to acquire the outstanding 37% stake in U.S. retirement and life insurance titan, Global Atlantic Financial Group. This move, involving a hefty sum of approximately $2.7 billion in cash, signifies a full takeover, raising KKR’s stake to an unchallenged 100%.

KKR To Pay $2.7B : Legal Eagles in the Game

KKR’s legal strategy is spearheaded by Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP, while Global Atlantic sails under Debevoise & Plimpton LLP’s banner in this transaction. This corporate tango is set to reach its crescendo in the first quarter of 2024, according to KKR’s strategic proclamation.

A Symbiosis Surpassing Expectations

Joe Bae and Scott Nuttall, KKR’s co-CEOs, paint the partnership as a tale of triumph, where both entities have flourished beyond expectations. The duo envisages a future where this merger is not just an alliance but a fusion of strengths, accelerating growth and unlocking new horizons.

KKR To Pay $2.7B : Cultivating Growth Through Unity

As KKR envelops Global Atlantic completely, the anticipation is palpable. This acquisition is more than a mere transaction; it’s an integration of strengths, promising accelerated mutual growth and a more cohesive operational structure.

The Financial Framework of the Acquisition

The road to total ownership has been strategic and deliberate. KKR, a behemoth in private equity, had already secured around 60% of Global Atlantic in February 2021. This new agreement, valued at the awe-inspiring sum of $2.7 billion, is meticulously calculated to match Global Atlantic’s book value, with certain adjustments. KKR, standing tall with its $23 billion balance sheet, is more than equipped to fund this monumental purchase.

Global Atlantic: Retaining Identity and Vision

Post-acquisition, Global Atlantic is set to retain its esteemed name and the expertise of its existing management team. Allan Levine, CEO of Global Atlantic, envisions this step as a testament to their shared strength and a gateway to delivering even more compelling solutions to clients.

KKR To Pay $2.7B :  The Growth Trajectory and Legal Mastery

Global Atlantic’s ascent in the financial cosmos is nothing short of stellar. From managing $72 billion in 2020, they now command an impressive $158 billion. The legal wizards guiding this monumental transaction include insurance M&A expert Nicholas Potter and a team of specialists at Debevoise, while Simpson Thacher’s team, led by Christopher May and others, crafts KKR’s strategic approach.