Students For Trump Co-founder Ryan Fournier Facing Assault Charges


The Trump 2024 campaign continues to make its case for why it believes former President Trump is best suited to return to the White House in January 2025. Many Trump supporters think he was robbed during the last election and deserves his chance to make a comeback.

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On the other hand, a considerable number of Republicans do not share this sentiment. Anti-Trump conservatives often note that Trump lost the 2020 election and would likely lose again if he faced Biden next year.

Other Republicans who oppose the former president cite issues with his record, his rhetoric, and the caliber of individuals in his orbit. One of those individuals is Ryan Fournier, a co-founder of the political group Students For Trump.

In recent days, it’s come to light that Fournier was not only taken into custody by law enforcement, but also officially charged with assault.

What to know about the legal troubles facing Fournier

Following his arrest in North Carolina, the Students For Trump co-founder faces an assault charge, coupled with the charge of assault with a deadly weapon. Fournier is believed to have used a gun to strike a woman – allegedly his girlfriend – in her head.