Klobuchar on Hillary Clinton: She’d Have Been a “Fantastic President”


Then, Klobuchar professed that a lack of votes in Iowa ultimately contributed to Clinton’s loss of the election.

In the 2020 Democrat’s own words:

When you look at what happens in 2016, Hillary Clinton would have made a fantastic president. One of [the] things that happened is that we, people stayed home or they voted for Donald Trump, over 30 counties in Iowa. They actually had voted for Barack Obama and then they voted for Donald Trump. I want to bring them with us.”

During the rest of her interview, Klobuchar stressed the point that she’s reached out to red voters throughout her political career.

A Closer Look at Amy Klobuchar’s Presidential Campaign

At this time, Klobuchar is polling at a national percentage of 3.5%. In Iowa, her poll numbers are slightly higher, around the 6% range.

During her time as a presidential candidate, the senator has complained about sexism. According to Klobuchar, her status as a woman holds her back politically; to be precise, Klobuchar recently took aim at fellow candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg.