Kroger and Albertsons $24.6 Billion Megadeal


C&S might need to expand its shopping list by adding another 237 stores for more cash.

But who is C&S? Those familiar with the Grand Union and Piggly Wiggly chains would recognize them. Their past endeavors and track record with transitions of union employees have received the Federal Trade Commission’s nod.

Kroger and Albertsons Megadeal : CEOs Speak Out

Rodney McMullen, the man steering Kroger, portrayed the merger’s post-announcement phase as a “diligent pursuit” to pinpoint a buyer that embodies a “relentless adversary.” He holds C&S in high regard, attributing to them financial robustness essential for long-term growth.

On the other hand, Vivek Sankaran, at Albertsons’ helm, praises C&S for their unambiguous pledge to maintain investments in store associates while respecting collective agreements.

Tensions Stirring in the Background

But not all perceive this merger through rose-tinted glasses. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union, representing workers from both giants, raised the flag of opposition back in May. Their president, Marc Perrone, minced no words, underscoring the peril mergers can pose to worker livelihoods.