Connecticut Bar Association Creates Panels

Connecticut Bar Association Creates Panels

In an electrifying announcement, the Connecticut Bar Association unveiled its latest venture: two powerful panels designed to reshape the legal landscape. These panels not only gauge the wind of change blowing through the legal profession but also anchor the profession firmly in the 21st century.

The first panel, the Generative AI Committee, will voyage into the largely uncharted waters of artificial intelligence and its potentially transformative influence on legal practices. Drawing a parallel to explorers stepping onto untouched lands, CBA President Maggie Castinado proclaimed, “The establishment of the Generative AI Committee mirrors the CBA’s aspiration to embrace innovation while fiercely upholding the epitome of professional ethics.”

She further appointed the seasoned Jonathan Shapiro and the astute N. Kane Bennett from Aeton Law Partners LLP to spearhead this ambitious initiative. While Shapiro’s illustrious journey includes a past presidency at the Connecticut Bar and a myriad of representations, Bennett is paving futuristic trails, eagerly anticipating the dawn of AI-driven legal tools. “Generative AI isn’t merely knocking on the legal industry’s door. It’s poised to fling it wide open,” remarked Bennett, emphasizing the AI committee’s mission to heighten standards of care and democratize justice access.

Connecticut Bar Association Creates Panels : Aiming for Equality

In a simultaneous thrust towards fostering inclusivity, the second panel embarks on a noble mission: ensuring equity for women in law. This isn’t merely a check on gender balance; it’s a full-fledged commitment to tearing down barriers that limit the success and progress of women in the legal world.