Connecticut Bar Association Creates Panels


This panel, destined to serve as a beacon for women’s rights, will rigorously assess gender disparities within the legal profession. They’ll explore the caverns of wage gaps, detect reasons for the ebbing flow of women leaving the profession, and determine if mountains of bias obstruct their ascent to top positions. Moreover, this exploration won’t stop at the surface. The panel is geared to probe deeper into fissures within the LGBTQ+, disabled, and minority communities.

Following this meticulous analysis, the panel will then light the way forward with actionable strategies for cementing equity. Castinado, accompanied by the venerable Chief Court Administrator Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, will co-pilot this essential initiative. “Our aspiration? A legal world where diversity doesn’t just survive but thrives,” declared Castinado.

Judge Bozzuto, reflecting on their daunting yet crucial mission, added, “The sands of time have deposited legacies for each generation. Our quest? To ensure ours is one of equality, inclusion, and opportunity.”