Las Vegas police arrest local politician for journalist’s murder


“This a terrible and jarring homicide,” Lombardo said during the news conference. “One that has deeply impacted Las Vegas. Every murder is tragic, but the killing of a journalist is particularly troublesome.”

Las Vegas Police arrest Clark County Administrator

Telles is an attorney who practiced probate and estate law. He won the election as County Administrator in 2018 when he replaced a three-term public administrator. And he lost his June party primary to Assistant Public Administrator Rita Reid. His term is set to expire December 31st.

Prosecutors believe he murdered German because he was angry at the reporting which he believed caused him to lose the Democratic primary in his reelection campaign.

Telles will be held without bail. 

Jeff German veteran reporter

Veteran newspaper reporter Jeff German’s body was discovered on Saturday morning outside his Las Vegas home. 

It was determined he died last Friday. The Clark County coroner ruled the death a homicide and determined the cause of death as “multiple sharp force injuries.” German had 7 stab wounds, as well as defensive wounds on his arms and hands. Prosecutors are saying he likely fought for his life.