Lawsuit Against CFP Committee Forthcoming


For over a decade, the Florida State Seminoles football team has landed in the AP poll’s top four, consistently racking up wins and cementing an impressive undefeated streak.

Despite the Seminoles’ ongoing triumphs, this past weekend saw the entire sports world shaken to its core. To everyone’s astonishment, news broke that the Florida State Seminoles would not make it to the College Football Playoffs (CFP).

This decision arrived despite the Seminoles pulling off a 16-6 defeat of the Louisville Cardinals.

So far, the official justification for excluding the Seminoles cites an injury sustained by quarterback Jordan Travis. The Seminoles wound up having another quarterback play in Travis’ place. Nevertheless, using this injury as grounds to deny the Seminoles CFP admission is without merit and downright ridiculous.

Travis or not, the team still brought home a win.

This will not stand

Because the Seminoles defeated the Cardinals, yet still got denied admission to CFP with no rational explanation, the selection committee just landed in the eye of a very real storm.