Leaving a Domestic Violence Situation: Important Things to Know


In many cases, perpetrators of this crime work to isolate their victims so the latter feels as though they have nowhere else to turn. One example of this can be making the victim cut ties with family and friends.

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Domestic violence perpetrators may also engage in financial abuse. Sabotaging their victim’s employment, forcing them not to work, or cleaning out their bank accounts all fall under the category of tactics employed by abusers.

People hurting their romantic partners remain very much aware that a lack of funds, income, or financial security makes it that much more challenging for them to escape.

Difficult but necessary

The longer one stays in a domestic violence situation, the more at risk they become. Sometimes, people facing this abuse have to make multiple attempts to escape.

Studies have shown that once a victim of domestic violence attempts to leave, they can be even more endangered if their abuser learns of their intentions.

It’s for this reason that anyone planning to leave a situation like this should keep their plans under wraps. This means not ever telling their abusers they’re planning to or going to leave.