Are Liberals Hi-Jacking Higher Learning?


Imagine you go to a job interview.  You are impeccably dressed, confident, you have a glowing resume with recommendations and references.  The interview is going quite well.  Then the interviewer asks a question you aren’t prepared to hear much les answer.  He asks with which religion you are affiliated with. Strange, you think to yourself, but you aren’t ashamed of your religion so what could it hurt to answer. You tell him you are a Christian.  He leans back in his desk chair for a moment, and then he asks another very personal question asks with which political party do you affiliate yourself.  He then grimaces while waiting for you to answer.

When you open your mouth to say something he interrupts and says, “Let me guess, you’re conservative.” You are really stunned at this point but manage to tell him that you are Republican but largely vote on the issues and that you like to consider yourself educated, fair and civic minded man.

He then stands, indicating you do the same. It is obvious to you that the interview is over.  You extend your hand for a handshake just as any gentleman would and he refuses, choosing to walk toward the door instead. On the way out he says, “I don’t think you’re quite the right fit for the position here.” Sound Orwellian? Or like 1960’s racism?

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Perhaps women’s n the 70’s even? Unfortunately, it’s not. Although the example above extreme, these types of scenarios are happening on college campuses across the USA.  Liberalism has taken root in piblic and state funded colleges. Of course, where better to take a child and indoctrinate them with an agenda. According to one study by the Education Research Institute, only 12% of faculty identify as right of center and these a mainly professors in schools of engineering or other professional schools. Only 5% are in the humanities and social science departments. Now this couldn’t be a matter of

Liberals purposefully keeping Conservatives from professorial positions, could it? Hmm. Let us look at some facts. We know that Liberal professors outnumber Conservatives but when the data is actually broken down it is rather shocking.

According to the Washington Post Conservatives are down 12 to 1. Thats one Republican for every Liberal professor! Some studies put the Ivy League big wigs up there with the worst records. Columbia and Princeton rank at 1 Conservative to 30 Liberals. The professors aren’t the only ones being effected by this intelligentsia-like trend. There are terrible stories of students afraid to even voice any conservative opinion on campus. Stories of being bullied, accused of using triggers, or usingwords that go against “speech codes.”

In his scholarly paper, ‘Academic Freedon in the Age of Political Correctness’ Jay Schalin speaks of such cases and the gives the defintion of speech code as, “policies prohibiting speech that would, outside the boundaries of the campus, be protected by the First Ammendment.” So, how PC do our professors have to be? Or is that just double talk for Liberal? Of course there are private colleges where the Board can pick and choose the faculty. These, however, are state schools so there shouldn’t be a fear mongering leftist party who will tell on you if use the wrong word or if you somehow “trigger” them. Some attribute the lack of conservative faculty to growing amounts of special interest groups on campuses. That within itself must change. If you are educated in an echo chamber then you will always live in that echo chamber and God save us all if these are the kids who will be in control of our future. The political correctness of the Third Wave Feminists is enough. There are so many sub-groups that you have to watch out for because if you say the wrong word du jour, lest you be branded a racist.  Imagine what these professors must feel. Let us look at an example. In the New York Times article, Confession of Liberal Tolerance, (@ George Yancy who is a professor of Sociology, an Evangelical, and happens to be black says, “Outside of academia I faced more problems as a black…Inside academia I face more problems as a Christian and it is not even close.” That is a pretty strong message.

It seems to me that being a conservative professor or student at universtiy is much like being a closeted homosexual. There is too much stigma, too much judgement and definitely too much fear. The liberals who pride themselves on supposedly being open minded have become a leftist progressive party who want people to think you are welcome to their all inclusive party, unless you aren’t.

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Elizabeth Walker
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