Longtime Trump Critic Compares Neo Nazis to Trump Supporters


Earlier this week, Democratic former Vermont Governor Howard Dean expressed a controversial opinion regarding Trump supporters, reports The Hill.

An Overview of Dean’s Most Recent Statements

The former Vermont Governor took to Twitter hours ago and likened a group of white supremacists to Americans who support President Trump. The contentious tweet reads as follows:

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Dean’s foregoing tweet raised many eyebrows. While many people liked, retweeted, and supported the notion that “Trump base voters” are Neo-Nazis, some Americans pushed back. Many conservatives and Trump supporters have controverted claims that their base is comprised of hateful white supremacists.

After the former Vermont Governor took heat for his assertion, he wrote the hereinafter tweet:

However, many people questioned the sincerity of his latest tweet about Trump voters and even opined that his current statements were unhelpful, especially in the current political climate. The aforementioned viewpoints (and more) can be viewed in a series of responding tweets: