Longtime Trump Critic Compares Neo Nazis to Trump Supporters


Earlier this week, Democratic former Vermont Governor Howard Dean expressed a controversial opinion regarding Trump supporters, reports The Hill.

An Overview of Dean’s Most Recent Statements

The former Vermont Governor took to Twitter hours ago and likened a group of white supremacists to Americans who support President Trump. The contentious tweet reads as follows:

Dean’s foregoing tweet raised many eyebrows. While many people liked, retweeted, and supported the notion that “Trump base voters” are Neo-Nazis, some Americans pushed back. Many conservatives and Trump supporters have controverted claims that their base is comprised of hateful white supremacists.

After the former Vermont Governor took heat for his assertion, he wrote the hereinafter tweet:

However, many people questioned the sincerity of his latest tweet about Trump voters and even opined that his current statements were unhelpful, especially in the current political climate. The aforementioned viewpoints (and more) can be viewed in a series of responding tweets:

Accusations of Racism in Politics

Firstly, one of the most habitual talking points of Democrats are accusations of racism. The aforementioned accusations increased considerably over the 2016 Presidential election and beyond. Many left-leaning Americans opined that President Trump, himself, is racist. They moreover stated that Republicans, conservatives, and other Trump supporters harbored ideologies reminiscent of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

However, as seen in response tweets to Dean’s commentary, Trump supporters have a different outlook. A majority of conservatives and Republicans furthermore believe that the true racism exists on the left-leaning and Democratic side. Right-wing Americans also regularly assert that Democrats would lack a platform if they did not accuse various groups of racism.

What Do Americans Think of Dean’s Most Recent Statements?

Like many events in today’s political climate, Americans have not hesitated to weigh in with their thoughts and feedback. Moreover, various observers expressed both agreement and disagreement with Dean’s assertions that Neo-Nazis are “Trump base voters.” Nevertheless, the great equalizer between both sides is that everyone maintains their own opinion.

Readers of The Hill also vocalized their thoughts in the comments section of the report:

He’s not saying that all Trump supporters are neo-Nazis, just that all neo-nazis are Trump supporters.

Nevermind Howard, everybody knows you are a little nuts.

Dems, please, please, please keep up with the identity politics.