Pennsylvania Governor Pushes for Commonsense Gun Safety Legislation

Gov. Tom Wolf pushes gun safety legislation

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is pushing for the passage of commonsense gun safety legislation to keep firearms out of the hands of individuals that pose threat to themselves and to others.

In a statement, Gov. Wolf said, “All of Pennsylvania’s citizens have the right to live happy, healthy lives free from fear about their and their family’s personal safety. Unfortunately, in the past decades we have seen that sense of security, that sense of safety, threatened.”

Gov. Wolf the Pennsylvania legislature to pass common sense gun reform bills to close dangerous loopholes. The governor wants all individuals purchasing guns to go through state police background checks. He believes that a universal background check is one of the best ways to prevents dangerous persons from possessing guns.

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Additionally, the governor asked the members of the Pennsylvania House to immediately approve Senate Bill 501. The state Senate unanimously approved the legislation to prevent domestic abusers from possessing of owning firearms.