Why Did Loretta Lynch Use An Alias?


“When they go low, we go high!”

Despite claims from liberal elitists, this catchphrase is not applicable to Democrats. According to Fox News, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch used the alias “Elizabeth Carlisle” when she sent and received emails. Why, one might ask? Well, there are several plausible reasons. One is the fact that she had something to hide. Others might argue the alias was simply a measure of protection.

Secret Meeting

Lynch’s phony alias is highly suspicious. For starters, it leaves great room for corruption. A great example of this occurred last year when Lynch met with former President Clinton. The airplane meeting supposedly covered yoga and Clinton’s grandchildren. Although this was the public story, most people did not believe it. Shortly afterwards, Hillary Clinton was cleared by the FBI of any wrongdoing in regards to her emails.

Should we the people really believe that Clinton and Lynch’s meeting revolved around harmless matters? If so, why did they meet on a private plane? Sometime afterwards, Lynch expressed remorse for the meeting.

Pending Lawsuits

The use of a phony email is not inherently negative. However, this privilege is often abused, as reported by The Federalist. The American Center for Law and Justice and the Judicial Watch have each sued in regards to the emails and the secret meeting.

Those who were able to view the emails where Lynch posed as “Elizabeth Carlisle” merely confirmed what others knew. For starters, Democrats stopped at nothing to shield their own party from harm. Dirty dealings regarding Obama, Clinton, and other liberals in power were concealed.

Media Bias and Deep State Control

Additional reports from The Federalist shine light on habitual favoritism shown to Democrats. True media bias was exposed during the 2016 Presidential election. While news outlets spend weeks scrutinizing speeches by Melania Trump, they ignored real corruption. Very little coverage was given on Lynch’s impromptu airplane meeting with Clinton.

Was former FBI Director James Comey under someone’s control? It appears as though he was. Lynch supposedly ordered him to refer to Hillary’s email scandal as a “matter” not an “investigation.” Afterwards, Comey essentially cleared Hillary of any wrongdoing. However, excerpts from Comey’s June attestations before the Senate Committee indicate he had his suspicions.

In Comey’s own words, Lynch’s orders “concerned me [him] because that language tracked with how the [Clinton] campaign was talking about how the FBI was doing its work. This isn’t a hill worth dying on, and so I just said, ‘Okay.’

Why did Loretta Lynch use an email alias? Lynch chose to conceal her identity because, like most corrupt people, it made not getting caught much easier.