Louise Linton Defends Herself Against Jealous Oregon Woman


Louise Linton, wife of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, is under attack by the media for defending herself on Instagram.

What Happened?

According to CNN, the controversy began when Louise Linton posted a picture on Instagram. The image featured herself and her husband departing from a government airplane in Kentucky. Additionally, Linton wore white and tagged various designers in her image.

Apparently, this photo was offensive to Jenni Miller, an Oregon mother, who posted the following comment:

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Glad we could pay for your little getaway. #deplorable

Louise Linton responded to this snide, uncalled for attack with the following response:

@jennimiller29 cute! Aw!!! Did you think this was a personal trip?! Adorable! Do you think the US govt paid for our honeymoon or personal travel?! Lololol. Have you given more to the economy than me and my husband? Either as an individual earner in taxes OR in self sacrifice to your country? I’m pretty sure we paid more taxes toward our day ‘trip’ than you did. Pretty sure the amount we sacrifice per year is a lot more than you’d be willing to sacrifice if the choice was yours.