Mark Zuckerberg Says He Failed To Catch Up with a Critical Trend In Social Networking


Analysts have attributed TikTok’s rapid surge in popularity to its algorithm, which can recommend compelling short videos to users based on their habits and viewing history. TikTok’s rise has posed a significant challenge to the firm , which is experiencing a plunge in North American Facebook users, and a stock price that’s shed more than 56% this year so far.

Zuckerberg referred to TikTok as a “very effective competitor” during the interview and acknowledged that the Chinese giant was somewhat slow to this because it didn’t fit my pattern of a social thing, it felt more like a shorter version of YouTube to me,” he said.

Zuckerberg also believes it’s essential for Meta to develop AI that can recommend a range of content, including photos and text to users besides just short videos.

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“Sometimes I want to watch specific videos, but a lot of the times I just want the best stuff,” he said.