Mark Zuckerberg’s Latest Meta Product Reveal Is “Desperate”, Says Analysts


“So, the greatest development of burning $10 billion of cash flow on this endeavor is legs?” Campling asked. “Fiscal discipline has become the focus of most corporates in 2022 — but Meta seems determined to follow its own risky path.”

Even John Carmack, the former chief technology officer of Oculus who advises Facebook on the metaverse and its headsets and is a booster of virtual-reality technology, acknowledged being “grumpy” during a talk at Connect about the company’s rate of progres.

“It pains me to hear people say that they don’t even get their headset out to show off at the company because they know it’s going to be a mess of charging and updating before they can make it do something cool,” Carmack said. “VR should be a delight to demo for your friends.”