Marketing Your Brain – How Social Psychology and Neuroscience Have Changed the Game


The buzzwords for marketing in the 1950’sand 60’s were Consumer Behavior.  Marketers realized that they could sell more products by understanding what consumers really wanted. Today, marketing is more sophisticated and incorporates the fields of social psychology and neuroscience as well. We don’t just want to understand the psychology behind how people react to products; we want to understand the physical effects on the body as well.

The Power of Gaming

Not too long ago, Pokemon Go was the most popular gaming experience on the planet. What made it so appealing? The game appealed to both our sense of nostalgia and our modern sensibilities. A recent article in Wired, suggests part or the reason it was so successful was because we’re hardwired to crave rewards and recognition.

Prestige is important for a lot of people. Pokemon Go rewards us for our achievements and it also appeals to our love of technology. It doesn’t hurt that it gets us moving as well. In short, this game is a marketing marvel that uses human psychology to perfection.

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Near Misses on the Slots

As popular as Pokemon Go was, its creators were still only really relying on assumptions about human psychology for success. It worked, but many marketers and researchers are trying to gain an even deeper understanding of human behaviour in order to sell more products and services.