Mass AG Hits Waste Staffing Co With $1.4M


Campbell’s announcement came with a reminder of the timely importance of this action. “As we approach the holiday season, these issues of wage theft become even more pressing to resolve,” she stated, emphasizing her commitment to holding violators of wage and hour laws accountable, in collaboration with unions and trades.

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Mass AG Hits Waste Staffing Co With $1.4M : Uncovering the Injustice

The saga took a dramatic turn when Teamsters Local 25, representing 800 solid waste industry workers, reported that Quick Temp paid less than the required prevailing wage. Thomas G. Mari, the president of Teamsters Local 25, hailed the citations as “a victory for workers,” marking a stand against the exploitation prevalent in day labor services in the waste industry.

The attorney general’s Fair Labor Division, acting as the detective in this thriller, discovered that Quick Temp’s violations were not limited to undercutting wages. The company also failed to pay overtime, minimum wage, and keep proper records. It neglected to provide earned sick leave as well, adding to the list of its transgressions.

The Timeline of Quick Temp’s Downfall

The narrative of Quick Temp’s disregard for fair labor practices dates back to 2019 when the company paid $82,000 for similar violations. Their continued non-compliance led to their downfall, with doors closing in March 2022.