Mass AG Hits Waste Staffing Co With $1.4M

Mass AG Hits Waste Staffing Co With $1.4M

In a move reminiscent of David triumphing over Goliath, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office has delivered a staggering blow to a now-defunct waste management staffing company. Quick Temp Inc., along with its owner, Thomas Lauzon, and manager, Paul Long, has been ordered to pay nearly $1.4 million. This hefty sum is the price for their failure to comply with wage and hour regulations, including not paying prevailing wages, minimum wage, and overtime.

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Mass AG Hits Waste Staffing Co With $1.4M : A Victory for Workers’ Rights

Attorney General Andrea Campbell, a vigilant sentinel of justice, announced that the Boston-based Quick Temp Inc. and its top brass are on the hook for approximately $1.39 million. The company, which once played a key role in connecting employees with waste management firms, has been found guilty of not compensating workers fairly, neglecting to maintain accurate records, and failing to provide essential benefits like sick leave and employment notices to temporary workers.