Ex-Boeing Manager Wants $750K

Ex-Boeing Manager Wants $750K

In a dramatic legal showdown, a former Boeing intellectual property manager, Paul Bernal, is passionately appealing to a federal judge in Washington for a compensation of $750,000 to $1.75 million. This bold move comes at the climax of his trial, where he accuses the aviation giant of retaliating against him for his brave stance against the mistreatment of older workers.

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Bernal, in a compelling brief filed last Friday, argues that his emotional turmoil, described as “garden variety,” doesn’t necessitate more than his and his spouse’s testimony. Dismissing any claims of clinical depression or anxiety, Bernal’s requested sum aligns with precedents set in similar cases.

This legal odyssey unveils Bernal’s struggle since August 2018, marred by humiliation, sleepless nights, a plummeting self-esteem, and a cascade of emotional distress symptoms, including gastric issues and an involuntary eye twitch. He poetically describes his ordeal as feeling like a societal outcast at work, coupled with a career that’s hit a dead end.