Mass Shootings: The new normal?


 Among the 6 shot and killed were a 10-month-old baby, his 16-year-old mother, and his grandmother. Three innocent people from 3 generations of the same family.

There are 2 suspects. Both are Hispanic. And the other 3 people killed are believed to be family members who were affiliated with the cartel.  

Goshen, a semi-rural community of about 3,000 residents, is located 35 miles southeast of Fresno in the agricultural San Joaquin Valley.

Other recent mass shootings

In Enoch, Utah, eight family members were shot and killed. Three adults and five children were the targets of another family member, 42-year-old Michael Haight. The family members were Caucasians.

One of the last mass shootings of this scale happened on Christmas Eve in 2008 when a man dressed as Santa Claus, was armed with five handguns. Killed 9 people including his ex-wife and her family.

 In 2018, 12 people died at the Borderline Bar in Thousand Oaks where an ex-Marine targeted college kids. Another type of mass shooting occurred in San Bernardino, California, where a terrorist killed 14 people in 2015.