Trump campaign files lawsuit in Michigan, demands recount in Wisconsin


Americans could be looking at a prolonged legal battle between the Biden and Trump campaigns over who the clear victor will be.

Wisconsin and Michigan shenanigans 

Trump supporters across the U.S. woke up to an entirely different electoral outcome than that of the previous night, showing a massive ballot dump in Michigan of over 200,000 votes favoring, all favoring Biden.

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According to reporting by the Gateway Pundit, Trump’s significant lead in Michigan quickly changed overnight following an additional 200,000 votes being counted for Biden, which it suggests is evidence of possible voter fraud. Officials have called the sudden jump in Biden votes a ‘typo,’ claiming Shiawassee County ballots for Biden at 153,710 when in reality the real number is 15,371.

Donald Trump was also poised to take Wisconsin, which has since changed following ballot results reported this morning. The Gateway Pundit also reports that there was a sizeable uptick in Biden votes overnight after the final count was repeatedly delayed in Milwaukee to 3:30 AM.