Why Does Maxine Waters Believe Vice President Pence Is “Planning His Inauguration?”


He’s someone that I’m committed to getting impeached! He’s a liar! He’s a cheat! He’s a con man! We’ve got to stop his ass.

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If Democrats wish to be taken seriously, and aspire to become more than merely “The Resistance,” they should make sure their criticism is valid. Simply hurling a stream of unfounded buzzwords at the President is not the way to engender progress or be taken seriously. Likewise, filing unwarranted impeachment articles, as Democratic congressmen Al Green and Brad Sherman have done, just makes the political left look silly. Apparently, Waters, Green, and Sherman fail to understand that merely disliking President Trump does not equate to grounds for impeachment. Unless the President breaches a law, Democrats will have to swallow their hurt feelings.

Maxine Waters’ comments against Vice President Pence are absolutely groundless. If Waters has any class or decency, at all, she will apologize. Vice President Pence has done absolutely nothing but serve admirably and support President Trump as he works to make America great again by enacting the policies he campaigned for during the 2016 Presidential election.