Has The White House Been Compromised By The Deep State?


The mounting discord within the White House has prompted many Americans to question whether or not the Trump administration is being taken over by the deep state. Several members of the President’s staff have quit only to be replaced by others and Americans are uncertain of what all is to come. Reports from the New York Times indicate that many Republicans share similar sentiments.

The tension between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessionslack of progress with repealing ObamacareRussia controversy, and infighting within the White House has caused the GOP to wonder whether or not these occurrences will hinder President Trump as he works to get things done.

Statements from North Carolina Republican Party chairman, Robin Hayes mirrors the aforementioned concerns:

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There is a significant amount of justified frustration, particularly with the Senate. I don’t want to use any Scaramucci language this morning, but it’s their inability to function as a team, to work together and come up with a responsible win.