Meta No Longer Requires A Covid-19 Booster Shot From Employees

Facebook by Meta Inc.
Facebook by Meta Inc.

Meta no longer requires a Covid-19 booster shot from employees returning to U.S. offices, a reversal of its previous policy. 

Meta, the owner of Facebook, has halted mandating Covid-19 boosters for its U.S. employees returning to the office, the company said Friday, according to a report by Reuters. However, a Meta spokesperson told Insider booster shots are “strongly recommended” by the firm. 

“We updated our requirements in early March to align with CDC guidance and now COVID-19 boosters are no longer required for entry, though strongly recommended,” Meta spokesperson Tracy Clayton said in a statement to Insider. “The primary vaccination requirement (1- or 2-shot series) remains in place.”

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On March 28th, Meta started bringing employees back to offices in the U.S. 

Meta previously expected to reopen the offices in January. But, the Metaverse company revoked its decision, and delayed it to March 28, while requiring booster shots for all U.S. staff.  Other tech giants are slated to bring workers back to US offices this month as well.