MGM Resorts Cyberattack Chaos: Guests were Locked Out, Computers Down, and Slot Machines Offline


 MGM Resorts International, a prominent name in the world of hospitality and entertainment, faced a crippling cyberattack on Sunday, causing widespread chaos across its properties. 

This hack attack forced more than a dozen MGM Hotels & Casinos to halt their operations abruptly when their computer systems and online services came to a grinding halt.

All MGM Hotels & Casino properties, including iconic ones in Las Vegas and New York, are being adversely affected. 

The attackers not only targeted the digital infrastructure but also took control of the physical premises, leading to the shutdown of casinos and even the lockout of guests from their hotel rooms. The MGM Resorts website remains inaccessible.

Reports from the ground suggest that the attack took a toll on various gaming machines. One guest at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas reported that slot machines and gambling equipment were completely disabled, disrupting the normal flow of operations.

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MGM Resorts Statement

MGM Resorts International is not taking this incident lightly. It remains committed to delivering the world-class experiences for which it is renowned.