Michael Morgan Stepping Down: A Reshuffle in the North Carolina Supreme Court

Michael Morgan Stepping Down

In a dramatic revelation that sent shockwaves through North Carolina’s political scene, Supreme Court Justice Michael Morgan declared his intention to relinquish his seat next month, a full year prior to his term’s conclusion in 2024.

This decision has not only created a vacuum in the state’s supreme judiciary but has also presented the outgoing Democratic governor with a golden chance to appoint a temporary successor right before the heated 2024 electoral contest.

Michael Morgan Stepping Down: A Digital Farewell

“Departing during the week of September 4,” Justice Morgan proclaimed on X, the platform succeeding Twitter.

His message conveyed gratitude, noting, “All of my opinions & assignments have been completed as the Court wraps up its current cycle, thanks to my remarkable staff.”

Morgan, whose current age stands at 67, trailed only Chief Justice Paul Newby, who’s a year his senior, in terms of seniority.

His exit would have been inevitable in a few years anyway, given North Carolina’s mandatory retirement age of 72 for its judges.

A Solo Ride for Morgan

A solo Democratic contender in the next election, Justice Morgan was the only justice up for re-election.