Microsoft and Nvidia ink 10-year game deal to calm regulators over Activision merger


Microsoft and Nvidia announced a 10-year deal to bring Activision games to the gaming platform. This deal would be contingent on Microsoft being allowed to complete its $69 billion acquisition of Activision, a move that has faced opposition.

The Microsoft-Activision merger has been met with skepticism from regulators and competitors alike. They fear that it could harm gamers by weakening the rivalry between Xbox and PlayStation. And are afraid the unintended consequences could be higher prices, fewer choices, and less innovation for millions of players. 

The acquisition could also stifle competition in cloud gaming.

Microsoft and Nvidia pave way for Nintendo

Microsoft has entered into a 10-year licensing agreement with Nvidia designed to reassure the industry. And it will bring “Call of Duty” and other Activision games to the gaming platform.

 Microsoft has also entered into a similar arrangement with Nintendo. Brad Smith, Microsoft President, expressed optimism about the Activision acquisition after the Nvidia deal and the agreement with Nintendo.