Mike Pence Abruptly Exits 2024 Presidential Race


The intensity of the 2024 presidential election continues to pick up. Next Wednesday, Republican contenders who qualify for the third debate will gather in Miami to hash out issues facing our country.

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Each contender is currently working to make the case to GOP voters that they should secure the nomination and go on to face Joe Biden in the general election.

Thus far, qualifying candidates for next week’s debate include Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, and Vivek Ramaswamy. While former President Trump also qualifies, he’s highly expected to skip the approaching debate, just as he did during the previous two.

With days left until GOP hopefuls convene again, the field of candidates has narrowed. Just yesterday, former Vice President Mike Pence took the liberty of terminating his campaign.

What to know about Pence’s departure from the 2024 presidential election

Pence’s exit from the race comes as he struggled to meet the qualifications to debate with other Republicans in Miami.

Hence, on Saturday, October 28, the former vice president confirmed his decision to step back. During a speech before the Republican Jewish Coalition, Pence stated he currently sees that his time to be president is not now.