Minnesota dad kills sex offender with a moose antler, claims was stalking his daughter


In 2014, Scully filed as a candidate for mayor of Grand Marais. And the townspeople claim he was behaving badly around the local youth.

By 2018, he was once again facing allegations of sexual misconduct with minors. 

2018 was also the year that Axtell sought an order of protection. He alleged Scully was stalking his child. The request was temporarily granted by Judge Michael Cuzzo. The legal order blocked Scully from being within six blocks of the Axtell family. 

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Judge Cuzzo refused to make the order permanent. And claimed there was not enough evidence to keep it in place.

Court records show that Scully was exhibiting unusual behavior. And was eventually hospitalized. In 2020 he had a stay in a mental hospital. But was later released and treated with anti-psychotic drugs.

Moose antler murder weapon

The medical examiner also noted that Scully had defensive wounds on his arms.

Levi Axtell had a single criminal record involving felony damage to a property case. 

Sheriff Pat Eliasen said they had been made aware of allegations against Scully, but an investigation “didn’t reveal anything.”