Mitt Romney Weighs in on President Trump’s Time in Office


On Wednesday, Mitt Romney weighed in on President Donald Trump’s time in office. Romney also stated that he will wait to see who the Republican “alternatives” are in 2020 prior to deciding who to endorse.

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An Overview of Romney’s Statements

During an interview with CNN, Romney shared the following thoughts about the forthcoming presidential election:

“I haven’t decided who I’m going to endorse in 2020. I’m going to see what the alternatives are. I think it’s early to make that decision, and I want to see what the alternatives are.”

Romney then noted that he has some agreements and disagreements with President Trump.

“I pointed out there are places [Trump and I] agree on a whole series of policy fronts, but there are places that I think the president can, if you will, elevate his game and help bring us together as a nation.”

Later on in the interview, Romney admitted that President Trump succeeded in politics where [Romney] failed. He also stated that “recognizes and appreciates” Trump’s success in becoming president.