Moderates Try to Rein In Progressives During Second Democrat Debate


Last night marked part one of the second Democrat primary debate. As the candidates duked it out with one another over policy issues and the most strategic ways to defeat President Trump, many Americans noticed a fascinating dynamic.

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Moderates on the stage appeared as though they wished to restrain their more progressive counterparts from going too far to the left. This is an in-party battle which Democrats have struggled with for quite some time now. Coincidentially, many of the moderate Democrats are struggling in the polls and barely reaching above 1%.

Everything You Need to Know about Moderates vs. Progressives

During last night’s debate, candidates touched upon a series of policy issues. However, the matters which prompted the greatest debates between moderates and progressives included healthcare, immigration, and socialism. It’s very safe to say that moderate Democrats had wholly different ideas of approaching these issues than their progressive counterparts.


Americans witnessed this when Rep. John Delaney challenged Sen. Bernie Sanders over the latter’s support for Medicare-for-All. Delaney cited various studies which show that Medicare-for-All would do away with private healthcare, fund healthcare for illegal immigrants, and hike taxes on the middle class.