Monster Energy Wins $293M Verdict Against Bang Energy, causing possible Bankruptcy


Monster alleged these statements were key to Bang’s success because the company never used traditional advertising such as television or magazine ads, but rose to prominence through social media as well as direct marketing pitches to retailers and distributors that were laced with false claims about super creatine.

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No studies were ever shown to the jury by Bang backing up its past claims about the benefits of super creatine, while studies conducted by Monster and presented to the jury concluded super creatine is a useless ingredient that does not increase creatine levels in the body.

Computer programmer Brent Tuominen served as the jury’s foreperson and said the jurors felt that super creatine was the equivalent of creatine.

“The first question is: Is super creatine, or creatyl L-Leucene — see I can rattle these things off now — is it creatine?” Tuominen told Law360. “There was not anybody in the room at any point that said ‘yes’.”

A highlight of the trial was Owoc’s two-day appearance on the witness stand, where he verbally sparred with Monster’s counsel and had much of his testimony stricken from the record.