Montana AG Faces Ethics Claims in Judicial Power Struggle

Montana AG Faces Ethics Claims

In what feels like the unraveling of a political drama, Montana ‘s AG Faces Ethics Claims. An attorney discipline body alleges he made maneuvers that significantly eroded public trust in the state’s judiciary. These allegations include attempts to sidestep the state Supreme Court’s authority, especially during a contention about state lawmakers’ rights to issue subpoenas.

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Tuesday saw Montana’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel hit the AG with claims stating he transgressed Montana’s Rules of Professional Conduct. The complaint states Knudsen made consistent disparaging remarks towards the state’s Supreme Court justices during a legal wrangle concerning the state Legislature’s move to procure judicial communications.

The Eye of the Storm: Thousands of Judicial Emails

The epicenter of this maelstrom revolves around thousands of judicial branch emails. Knudsen’s office allegedly held onto these emails even after a court order mandated their return. The emails in question were part of the state Legislature’s endeavor to inspect the judiciary’s behind-the-scenes discussions regarding legislative matters.