Mozilla Firefox Starts Accepting Crypto Payments for Donations

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Mozilla Foundation has invited netizens on Twitter a few days ago to send in crypto donations via a new payment service provider.

The move by the Firefox browser has rapidly amassed criticism and criticizers included Jamie Zawinski — who named the Mozilla project and who is one of the original Netscape developers. Zawinski described the payment processor and digital coins as “planet incinerating.”

“Hi, I’m sure that whoever runs [Mozilla’s Twitter] account has no idea who I am, but I founded @mozilla and I’m here to say fuck you and fuck this,” Zawinski wrote, adding that “everyone involved in the project should be witheringly ashamed of this decision.”

Meanwhile, Billy Markus, the co-creator of Dogecoin — the meme-based cryptocurrency has secured a place for his digital token as means of payment on the Mozilla platform. The Dogecoin creator said “Reading the comments in this thread, as much as I rag on crypto-bros being counterproductive at marketing, the vitriolic, hateful, hyperbolic, hypocritical, sanctimonious whining coming from the anti-crypto people is 1,000x more insufferable than the pro-crypto people.”