MSNBC Panelist Slams All White Men


Yesterday, an MSNBC panelist went on air and slammed all white men as the “biggest threats to Americans,” as reported by Breitbart News.

Full Remarks from MSNBC Panelist

Jamira Burley, one of MSNBC’s panelists, made the following remarks about white men on Saturday:

What is extremely disturbing about Jeff Session and the FBI rhetoric around this idea of black identity extremist is it continues to highlight white Americans’ disdain with black people demanding equal due which is protection under the law, access to resources and the ability to freely move through throughout society without [victimization and criminalization].

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What is interesting though is that white men continue to [pose] the biggest threat to Americans every single day. It’s been documented and verified that they are more likely to burn down churches, more likely to commit mass murders and mass shootings. Jeff Sessions’ reality and his assessment on these people I think is both lacking in facts and both reality.

Strong Backlash to Burley’s Remarks

Firstly, Burley’s remarks engendered strong criticism from many who viewed her remarks as racist. Also, she faced backlash for engaging in what many people view as identity politics. Conservatives and other right leaning Americans have frequently vocalized their opposition to identity politics. Furthermore, they have called out Democrats and progressives who echo sentiments like Burley’s.

Conservatives have also noted that Democrats appear to have made white men into their scapegoat. In the eyes of many Americans, liberals believe all white men inherently have ‘privileges’ which oppress other groups. However, right wingers have made the case that it is one’s actions and choices that determine their outcome, not race.

Finally, critics of Burley’s remarks have noted that as long as Democrats continue to single out white men simply for being white, they are in no position to promote themselves as advocates of fairness and equality.